Thank you for thinking of us in your plans to watch this amazing Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. Our valley is one of the Most Beautiful Places on the Planet and is ideally situated for this eclipse.

The Best Thing about our location is the ability to get to other locations with dramatically different weather and observing conditions very quickly.

We are Planning to be able to get to the best site the day before, or even drive that morning. We have Several Sites in Mind, and we are willing to share those locations. We might want to have an “After Party” where you can enjoy our Dark Skies!


Solar Safety!


Never Look Directly at the Sun without protective gear. Except During TOTALITY! There are no special Zombie Rays given by the sun during eclipses.

For Safe Observing tips follow this link:

These are the glasses that the Charlie Bast Solar Astronomy Project uses so you know they are the best!


Lions and Tigers and Bears and Moose OH MY!!

We have a very healthy population of Grizzly Bears. Many of these bears are like family to us and we have watched generations of grizzlies grow up. Unpleasant encounters are extremely rare, but you do need to take easy precautions. Don't Hike Alone, Carry Bear Spray, Keep a Very Clean Camp, NO FOOD in Your Tents. Make Noise while hiking. Some people prefer to sing, singing alerts the bears to your presence and lets them know you are Not a Predator and Not Prey. Every Year someone is Gored by a Bison up in Yellowstone, they just get too close. Most Locals are more afraid of Moose than of Bears.

Do NOT Approach Wildlife!


This is one of the most beautiful areas on the Planet. Slow down when driving and enjoy it.

Slowing Down Saves our Wildlife! Night time Speed Limit is 45mph.

Oh... and we don't have tigers...


Local Times for the Eclipse

Event Time Altitude Azimuth (or bearing)

Moonrise 6:26 – 6:29 am 0* 73*

Sunrise 6:38 – 6:41 am 0* 73*

Start of Partial C1 10:16 am 38.5* 113.2*

Start of TOTAL C2 11:35 am 50.3 134.6*

Maximum Eclipse 11:36 am 50.4* 134.9*

End of Total C3 11:37 am 50.6* 135.3*

End of Partial C4 1:00 pm 57.8 168.3*

These times and co-ordinates are based in Jackson. Use this interactive map for info on all other locations: This map has the Lunar Limb Corrections.

Wyoming Eclipse Map courtesy of We will have some custom maps available for sale at a later date.