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Speed limit is 45 mph at Night



Topographic maps are fantastic, but unless you are hiking you won't need them in YNP. You will NEED a series of maps that are One Dollar each. Have the ones for the area you are going to and have a Pen and a Watch! When visiting the Old Faithful Area this little map is ideal. It has a little bit of info on each of the bigger geysers and a Place To Write. The trick is to go to the Visitor Center First, Write down the expected time of eruption for each of the geysers and then plan your walk around the time with that map. Do be aware that geyser watching is a waiting game, Old Faithful is the Exception. You can spend a full day just walking around the main area at Old Faithful. A favorite nearby hike is Mystic Falls across the road. Excelsior Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring are also very close by and should be visited when the sun is low angle to get the best of the Prismatic Effect with the steam. There is NOW an APP from the National Park Service that lists the next expected eruption times of Old Faithful, Grand, Castle, Great Fountain, Daisy, and Riverside Geysers with information on each. This is Grizzly Bear Country! Don't Panic, Make Noise (forget bells, singing and talking is better) Carry Bear Spray.


Grand Teton National Park


Most Hikes in GTNP (or “The Park”) are in and outs. Most Loops take a few days or more. Make Noise when hiking and carry bear spray.

Favorite Hikes: Around Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls (with optional boat rides), Cascade Canyon, Phelps Lake and Death Canyon. If you have specific hiking questions please email and we will get into more detail.


Jackson Hole, Town of Jackson, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village.

Jackson Hole is the Geological Feature of the Entire Valley. A Hole is a Valley that has no exit.
Town of Jackson, or Jackson, is the Town.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the BIG Ski Resort.
Teton Village is the community at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.


Chamber of Commerce:


Navigation Resources!


When actually in the Field, Forget Google Maps. Most places in Wyoming Do NOT have Cell Service, let alone Data Towers (Devil's Tower, Yes; Data Towers, No)


If using your smart phone for GPS: Have Extra Power Available! GPS Apps drain battery power! Looking for Cell Towers Drain Battery Power. If your phone or tablet is doing both you will loose power fast. Turn OFF WiFi, Cellular Data, and Blue Tooth when using the phones GPS, and if not tracking, put the phone in Airplane Mode. Gaia will work and Track in Airplane mode on iPhones (if using the os published October 2015).


The GPS App to Purchase:

Gaia GPS. USGS Topo Layers (the USGS Topo ESRI is my favorite), Aerial Photo Layers, Land Ownership Layers





A Statewide Atlas is indispensable. Choose from Delorme's Atlas and Gazetteer or BenchMark Press's Atlas.


National Forest Maps


You will want Both the Forest Topo Maps and the MVUM's (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) Even with these maps a GPS of some sort is helpful. The roads are not always well marked.

Download MVUM's Here:

For West of the Continental Divide:



East of the Continental Divide:



Other Recommended Forest Service Maps

Shoshone National Forest South Half

Bridger – Teton National Forest Buffalo and Jackson Ranger District




To watch the partial phases of the solar eclipse, you MUST have ISO-certified eclipse viewing glasses. Its smart to buy them before eclipse day to avoid the inevitable shortages

Order the ones that the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project uses, you KNOW they are the BEST! They are available from Rainbow Symphony: http://www.rainbowsymphony.com/charlie-bates-solar-astronomy-project/