Smoke from Forest Fires in Oregon Pouring Over the Tetons and Filling Jackson Hole
Photo by Chelse WindRiver August 21, 2015 


Large Forest Fires are the New Normal for the Rocky Mountain West. In 2015 smoke from large fires in California, Oregon, and Washington made it so smokey in Jackson Hole that it Hid the Grand Teton. The great thing about Jackson Hole is that it is Easy to get to other areas with different weather systems. We are Pleased to Announce that Local Meteorologist Jim Woodmency of will be providing a “Eclipse Observing Forecast” for several select sites 5,4,3,2,1 days, 12 & 6 hours prior to the big event. This will be a fee service, details will be announced. The sites will stretch from Oregon to Nebraska and Jim understands that “Mostly Sunny” is a bit vague for an event like this.  Plan for the Best and Worst Case scenarios.  Plan on having to change locations last minute.  Jay Anderson's information on historical weather is here: That is where I found the link for the satellite data.  One Note.  The Gas Hills Do NOT have an airport.  Or Stores, Towns, Service.  No Airport means NO DATA only satellite views.  Personally I hope to be on top of Union Pass, but I will probably be in the Gas Hills. 


Historic Satellite Cloud Data.

The link to the actual satellite images is here:  

Drive Time

IF        Idaho Falls    2.3 hrs

JXN    Jackson

DBS    Dubois 2 hrs

PVL    Pavillion 2.5 hrs

GZH   Gas Hills 3.5 hrs

CSP     Casper 5 hrs

EWY    East Wyoming 7.5 hrs

WNE    West Nebraska 9 hrs

ENE      East Nebraska 12 hrs

= Great Conditions

= Possibly OK (but why risk it)

BAD Conditions! Run Away!! 2Satellite pic from 2012)

As you can see, by historical data, Pavillion and the Gas Hills are the consistently best places to plan, but always have a back up! What surprised me and other locals, is that our summertime afternoon cloud build up and storms are NOT the major concern! We All thought that it was mostly clear that time of year, but that isn't what the data shows.



To watch the partial phases of the solar eclipse, you MUST have ISO-certified eclipse viewing glasses. Its smart to buy them before eclipse day to avoid the inevitable shortages

Order the ones that the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project uses, you KNOW they are the BEST! They are available from Rainbow Symphony: