National Astronomy Day
in Grand Teton National Park at the Colter Bay Visitor Center

All pictures by Walt Farmer unless otherwise noted in the popups.
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Most all events have taken place in August, every year since the first in 1995.


NAD Colter Bay, 130812

NAD Colter Bay, 130812
Quieter.  Thanks to vols Bob Hoyle, Mel Tucker, Liz McKay, Walt & Kay, Sue Hall & son Matt, & Vic Wagner.


3 of the club's remaining 5 founders - Bob, Mel, Walt.  Image by unnamed park ranger.  Ranger Bob Hoyle in the showroom

For those with red/blue Stereo/3D glasses


Baby astronomer

Rangerman Hoyle on the job  Linda's in charge

A lull in the activity  Walt has the power.  Image Dalia Niederer.

Setting up on the bay  Arlo & Derek, image by Dalia Niederer.

Dinnertime  At dinner before the evening star party


NAD 2007 - Problem was, we were snookered.  We got one hour of solar gazing on the deck, the rest was rained out.  Several rain showers busted the nighttime event too, although BOB HOYLE did his amphitheatre program in the auditorium.  Attending & making the effort were: BOB, MEL, WALT, ARLO & DALIA, BILL B., JOHN F., & ED.  Total visitors this year was about 150.  After his amp program, the sky cleared a little & briefly.  BOB did a quick laser sky tour for about 15 people & WALT got the club's 8 in. out for about 20 min. of stargazing.  Hardly worth the effort, but they liked it & after all, that's what we do.


The crew having dinner before the bay.  The crew on the bay.


The Usual Suspects

Go blind, not that, by staring at the sun!  On the deck

  Just more from the deck  Kurt helps out.

On the deck in 05. Colter Bay on the deck


 From insdie the museum.

  Posters, hands on stuff, etc.,  On the deck behind the visitor center in the PM.

Some of the crowd on the bay in 2003.  A future astronomer from 2003.