Historic Images of Club Meetings
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All pictures by Walt Farmer unless otherwise noted in popup on each picture.


Mar. 26 at the TCL, 26 attending

Feb. 2010, American Legion Hall, 29 attending

Pic by Dalia, part of 21 persons attending in Jan.


Bob & Walt, getting ready for Levy visit

Sept., Rec Center, Martin Storksdieck & Jill Stein w/Mel  Sept., Rec Center, Martin & Jill present us their research project

Sept., Rec Center  Sept., Rec Center, Dr. Jim Little program on solar eclipse in China

Sept. @ the Rec Center, Ann Dahl discusses types of solar eclipses  Sept., Rec Center, Loretta always has the food

July, Dahl's, by Dalia Niederer  July, Dahl's, by Dalia

June, Rec Center  June, Rec Center

June, Rec Center, Chef Walt, by Dalia Niederer  Chef Ed Henze, no enlargement

Jan., TCLibrary, Ann Dahl  Jan., TCLibrary


  Sept., Rec Center  Sept., Rec Center

Raffle drawing for binoculars

Oct., Old library  July, Wilson park, Chuck Dahl on patrol

July, Wilson park  Aug., Wilson park

July, Rec Center  July, Rec Center, Arlo's star comparisons

June, Mel's home  June, Mel's home, Arlo & Derek

April, Walt's home, pic by Dalia Niederer  March, Spring Creek Ranch, binocs for the raffle

March, Spring Creek Ranch  March, Spring Creek Ranch


March, Spring Creek Ranch


March at the Legion hall

August at Walt's  June, TCLibrary


May, Legion building  Jan., TCLibrary

TCLibrary  TCLibrary

TCLibrary  Jan., TCLibrary


Dec. at Drew's house

Oct. @ Walt's house  Oct., Walt's house

Sept. at Mel's house  June, Bob Cumming's home

Jan., TCLibrary  Jan., TCLibrary


  Sept., Mel's home

Sept., Mel's home  June, Teton Science School

April, Teton Science School  May at Walt's home


Nov., Drew Taylor's home, Mel's in charge  May, Walt's house, Michaela's program

March, Kelly School, Arlo's program  February, Kelly School


Oct., Home unknown, no enlargement  May, Stockhouse home, rocket designer from Casper program

May, Stockhouse home  Stockhouse home

May, Stockhouse home  April, Niederer's

Jan. 2001, Dahl House


 November 2000, Drew Taylor's home