David Levy's Visit to JH in Pictures and Descriptions

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All pictures by Walt Farmer except as noted on image.

David arrived on Thurs. PM and spoke to Summit High School students the next morning at 8am.  After lunch, he visited JHHS and spoke to an assembly there in the auditorium.  All together, he spoke to about 120 students.

Of course, that evening, the community was invited to hear him speak due to the generosity of the club, the Center of Wonder, and 8 anonymous donors.  Approximately 125 persons attended the talk and visited with David afterwords.

On Saturday, David elected to stay over and go on an excursion to Yellowstone, as he'd never been there before.  Going along to talk about the parks, geology, astronomy, literature & whatever else came up, were: Walt, Dalia, Arlo, Mel, and Bob.   After seeing mud pots, Old Faithful, the fires in the Lake area, etc., we returned and we hosted a club dinner for David at Q Roadhouse that about 10 members attended.  I think a great time was had by all and the weekend visit was a nice success.  Next week, he would be off to Jackson(ville), FL, a second place town to our Jackson, WY with no geysers at all that I know of, nor any mountains over 50 ft.

Visit David's website at www.jarnac.org

David greeted by Mel and Brad Mead  Dinner w/Kate Mead, Walt & Brad

with Summit High School principal Beth Auge  with students at Summit HS

Speaking to 4 earth science classes at JHHS  Club members preparing for David's Friday evening talk

More preparations  Sell those books

Mel's introductions  Some of the audience

David in action  Signing books

Dan & David, Dalia photo  Dan w/newspaper article - Dalia photo

Dalia, David, Arlo  Lee, Charles, Jack - Dalia photo

A book for Helen  Club members w/David.  Thanks to Linda for putting the crew together.

Sat. morning at the Oxbow Host crew, David on right - Dalia photo 

  Expanding Bob - Dalia photo  Paparazza

w/Arlo at Old Faithful & the paparazza in the background.  From the other side, paparazza photo by Dalia

w/Bob Hoyle looking over some mud pots  David at the YNP fire - Dalia photo

YNP fire - Dalia photo  with his new JHAC cap & patch 

 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Jovian impacts of Comet S-L 9